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Work with Andre B. Murray of The "Bern" Agency for the very best in entertainment, product, and architectural photography. He also provides photo shoots for the fashion industry and other commercial applications of photography.
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You can contact Andre for additional information about any of his photography services. He will be happy to respond to your inquiry as soon as possible, whether it's via email or phone. Ask about his videography services as well.


Burbank Leader's Best Photographer
Award Winner (2004–2014)

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Headed by Andre B Murray, The "Bern" Agency is your source for commercial photography taken by an experienced photographer in Burbank, California. Andre has been taking pictures since his grandfather bought him his first Polaroid™ at age 11. Since then, Andre has traveled the world, and in 2005 he worked with students on a project documenting a day in the life of Magnolia Park in pictures. To help them translate what they saw onto film, Andre supplied disposable cameras to each student and gave each class a brief lesson on composition. Today, after more than 40 years of experience, he prefers to let his images speak for themselves when potential clients are thinking of using his expertise.

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